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Our collection of TRIOMINOS games are available in Travel Size, "Original", PRO version and ZOO version

Welcome to Triominos.eu and the TRIOMINOS game "The Original"

The ultimate board game where everyone can join. Everything made of recyclable and environmentally friendly wood material! The Triominos game is delivered directly to your home with a nice linen bag in natural material that you can tie together and store all the pieces of the game.


The game is suitable from about 7 years and is available in 4 different versions, Travel Size, Original, PRO and ZOO and are specially developed to be fun to play with both adults and children and do not take that long to play either.


Lay out and pick up your triangle and your opponent and the others start thinking about what suits your laid out triangle ... lay out more and a lot of different combinations arise and the one who is most observant and can numbers or pictures with the eye will probably win :)


A bestseller for travelers, caravans, motorhomes and boats. Kids love the game as it carries a bit of the memory game with it.


Age: From 7 years

Number of players: 2-6

Playing time: about 40 min.

Size: Height 50 mm and the side is 55 mm and 10 mm thick.

The production of the TRIOMINOS game "The Original"

The TRIOMINOS game "The original" is made of precision sawn MDF wood with sanded edges by hand. The numbers are then written with an XY plotter printer with its own computer program to get everything in the right place. Everything of the highest quality and the TRIOMINOS game is made in Sweden.

TRIOMINOS game "The Original" ZOO

Now we also make the TRIOMINOS game "Original" ZOO which is a new game where instead of numbers you have different animals. The game idea is the same and it will be different and fun. Especially with children :)